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Guidebook for International Students

Study Abroad at Miyagi University of Education from Overseas

Miyagi University of Education welcomes bright, passionate international students, regardless of nationality.

Miyagi University of Education is a teacher training university in Sendai City of the Tohoku region in Japan. Graduate programs up to the master’s degree level are available from the university’s graduate school. Even though we are a small university with a total student population of about 1,800, Miyagi University instructors are experts in all areas. We also have specialized staff for teaching the Japanese language, and they provide close support for international students in small group instruction. Every year, about 70 international students come to study at Miyagi University of Education. The university’s home-like atmosphere and excellent teaching system are unique characteristics, and the university produces many excellent international students. After returning to their home countries, all international students actively work in many areas by utilizing their study-abroad experience.

The city of Sendai is blessed with lush green areas, prices are relatively low, the area has many cultural facilities, and there are many hot springs nearby. The city offers a good place to live for international students.

We believe that a bright future will open at Miyagi University of Education. Why not study at Miyagi University of Education?

The following sections provide a basic explanation of the procedures for enrolling at Miyagi University of Education.

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